This took TWO years….

Roughly two years ago, I sat in a Christian Writer’s Conference. I have a manuscript, Simple Parties, Significant Impact. I’d like to have it published. It would be quite useful to those who’d like to engage their communities, neighborhoods, and schools with the Good News. When I speak to groups, I’d love to be able to offer it instead of copying page after page of tips and helps for hosting a party. One thing expressed at this conference is the need to be up to date with social media. I made a mental check list of what I did have at the time….a website and a personal and a WeeEngage Facebook page….check, check. A blog? That has gone unchecked. I’ve known the need. I have lots of things I could have already written about. We have 4 kids. We have a very crazy schedule at times. I lead a Good News Club where we share the gospel each week at our local, public, elementary school. This past spring we had around 45 children indicate a they prayed to place their faith in Christ! My husband and I traveled with Global Aid Network to Guatemala the past two summers. We took our oldest child with us last summer. He was 9 then. This summer he returned with us as did our daughter. They are 10 and 9 now. And then there’s WeeEngage–we’ve hosted more than half a dozen Simple Parties with a Significant Impact. I’ve spoken to several groups–encouraging and training them to host their own parties. All these could have been posts! We are on the heels of our last trip to Guatemala, and I’m not sure what to post. Hopefully, I’ll be in the swing of it soon…Below left is a photo of some Guatemalan boys at the school where we ministered each day,DSCF0456 to the right are my two kiddos who ministered with us. They are standing in front of beautiful Bugambilia. We saw that flower everywhere.



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