Tom’s Shoes & Answered Prayer….

We’ve only bought one pair of Tom’s shoes. I’ve always thought it was a neat concept, buy a pair & give away a pair. Abby Grace has very narrow feet as do I. When we found a pair  pink pair we can cinch at the back, we purchased them for her. Well, just few short weeks later, we had no idea we would be on the distribution end of Tom’s in Guatemala. How fun! They were all black and the same size. Maybe some day the recipients will get the size needed. (?) I know the Guatemalans appreciated them though.

100_0117Now to the answered prayer…..

The best way to put into words how my heart felt last summer is FULL. Our oldest child, Graham, traveled with us to Guatemala with Global Aid Network ( I have made many mission trips without any family members and a handful with Dwayne. It just feels so complete having this experience together. What a blessing to take Graham along last summer!

Guatemala 146We had originally thought we’d just take one kiddo at a time. However, we stepped out with a bit of wavering faith, and God overwhelmingly provided for FOUR of us to travel to Guatemala with GAiN this summer! I hope to always “treasure all these things and ponder them in my heart” (the way Mary did, Luke 2:19). It gave me much joy to share the Good News in Guatemala alongside my little girl, Abby Grace, this summer. Thank you, Father, for this blessing. I pray to trust you with even more dreams, much larger than I can dream or imagine…because I do have a few  lot!


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