I like to think I’m pretty efficient…..I like to do things fast–talk, walk, clean, etc. I don’t fool around. So when certain Little Ones excitedly ask, “Can I help?” I haven’t always been so exuberant in my reply. “We’ll see…Not right now….Maybe later….etc.” have often times been my reply. I mean I don’t want to spend EXTRA time cleaning up EXTRA messes. I can do it correctly the first time. And did I mention I like to do things FAST?! I have stripped wallpaper and painted many rooms in our house. When they were much smaller, I’d just so happen to get most of the work accomplished for the day during nap time. “Oh, I already finished for today….maybe another time.”

As long as I can remember they’ve wanted to help…..

Kids Vacuuming from Dwayne Wilson on Vimeo.

Carpet Cleaners from Dwayne Wilson on Vimeo.

A superhero helps with the mopping 100_2956DSCF0492 Digital_Camera_1 041




I know I did not allow this to happen nearly enough. I think they actually thought I was having FUN, and they wanted to have this kind of FUN, too! The years are going way too fast, and I pray I have not missed my opportunity to include them in this kind of FUN!

So yesterday and today I actually let them help…well, in a controlled kind of way. I’m repainting Graham’s room. It’s had the same paint job for over 10 years, and I’ve had some paint scheme ideas for his room for about 2 or 3 years. Lord, forgive me for scolding about “ruining the paint brush, dropping paint on the drop cloth, making smooth, professional strokes” (isn’t that what a drop cloth is for after all?!).

She makes a really cute helper, doesn’t she? 102_0693 I know all too well they will soon be out of the house….along with all of this help!

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