Spaghettios…It’s What We Serve Our Guests

Some new neighbors recently moved across the street. They have several kiddos around the same age as ours. They have a pool. This is our “pool”……..







Nice, huh? For the past several years, Dwayne puts this thing together and then around Labor Day, he takes it down and puts it back in the box in which it came. Last week these neighbors, along with another neighbor, spent most of the week in our “pool”. Did I mention we put ours together and take it down every year? It is above ground? You cannot really swim in it? Go figure!

Now to the Spaghettios….I had a women’s event at church to attend last Thursday evening. I left a list of things Dwayne could do for dinner, left-overs, etc. I mentioned Abby Grace could have Spaghettios…that there was one can left. She is a picky eater, but she eats this. Have you tried it lately? I suggest that you don’t. Dwayne and I discussed that he would send everyone home once he got dinner ready. When I returned home, he informed me that he fed 2 of our neighbors. “WHAT did you feed them?!” You guess it:

102_0708Oh, this is not all they ate. Dwayne divided up our last two bananas which were in pretty sad shape, already splotched brown. I was a little embarrassed about it all, but a few days later, when they were all out in our “pool” again, Abby Grace came in and informed us that they were hungry and asked if they could have Spaghettios. “They haven’t had lunch yet,” she said, “And I’m hungry, too.” It was 2:00 in the afternoon. What could I do but rummage up another can, our last can? This one must have been hidden from Dwayne’s sight on Thursday. We did have one more. From the looks of this bowl, it must have hit the spot.

I recently read a book called Kisses From Katie. It’s about a young girl who moved to Uganda after she completed high school. She’s about 24 now and still lives there today. You can read more about her ministry here: Her door is always open to feed another hungry mouth and to bandage wounds and care for the sick and ailing and forgotten.  Feeding our neighbors Spaghettios and having them to “swim” in our “pool” is nothing compared to this, but, God, please help me to always have my door open to those in need…whatever the need. Forgive me for not always noticing. They are everywhere. Open my eyes and heart to those in my community or even in my very own “pool”.






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