One Drop….Engaging Neighborhoods Around the World

North Texas Giving Day is an annual one-day DonorBridge-powered fundraising event that has pumped more than $35 million into the local community since 2009.  During the 2012 event, donors made more than 37,000 gifts totaling $14.4 million, benefiting more than 900 nonprofits.

This year, WeeEngage, as an Alliance Partner of ProvenWay Ministries, is participating in the event which will be held September 19th, 7 a.m. until midnight.

LogoRound[1]When we returned from Guatemala, I began wondering if I should continue with my dream of WeeEngage and as an Alliance Partner with ProvenWay. As I was running one morning, I began dreaming of a time when WeeEngage could possibly go to places like Guatemala and share with Believers how to host a Simple Party with a Significant Impact and then give them the supplies to do so. Or wouldn’t it be fun to host a party there myself as well as train women to host these parties? I’m not sure what the future holds for WeeEngage. I do know God has called me to this…engaging in the lives of those in our school, neighborhood, and community…..engaging them with the Good News.

Here is a little video I pulled together that includes various photos from many of the parties we’ve hosted. Dream with me! What if every Believer hosted these Simple Parties and had a Significant Impact on the lives of each guest? We could change the world…..

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