Thing 1 & Thing 2

In Cahoots 2In 2005, we were expecting Twin A & Twin B. I guess I wasn’t sure what all that meant except that we’d have 4 kiddos under the age of 3 for a bit of time in our home. The doctor wrote “IN CAHOOTS” as the caption on this sonogram. That does sum up our boys. From the beginning, they did seem to have a language all their own. They are best friends. They share friends, Sunday School teachers,  a room, and often times, when we don’t have enough of something, it is just natural for them to share. The thing is, they don’t seem to mind it. When they pray at meal times, they both still to this day say, “And thank you for Sam & Silas,” as their ending. They put their names together as if they were one person.

I was in their room the other day to pick some things off the floor to vacuum. And this is what I saw:

102_0950For some reason, before I had children, I thought they’d all be about the same and pretty much like me. Boy, was I wrong! Isn’t God amazing to create each person so unique….even twins?! Whose is whose…..

Twin A


Twin B?

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