A Perfect Love

DSCF9017I never knew the hurts, disappointments, & decisions of these 4 precious ones would be magnified so intensely deep within my own heart and cause such heartache. Oh, to go back to this season when I had control over all things in their lives (or so I thought). I am so grateful for that day, over 6 years ago with little feet splashing in cool water….grateful for the God who loaned these babies to me already had all of their days ordained for them before they were even born (Psalm 139:16). I’m even more thankful for the reminder this past week that I have a Father who is not of this world, who “has inscribed (Followers of His) on the palms of His hands.” (Isaiah 49:16) and who is able to “sympathize with our weaknesses.” (Hebrews 4:15) Thank you, Father, for reminding me that your love for us is higher, wider, and deeper (Ephesians 3:18-19)  than the love I have for my own children and how Your heart must ache even more intensely than mine does over this fabulous 4.

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