Can You Give Me a Hand?


What a fun way our family learned to share God’s Story with others through the use of hand motions! This  summer we traveled to Peru with e3 Partners and helped to implement a new ministry called GAMELIFE whose goal is to reach a child to engage a family to plant a church. It’s pretty simple…




You can teach the kids in your life Creation to Christ with hand motions! Check it out:
1) In the beginning God created a perfect world.
2) Sin broke God’s perfect world.
3) The penalty for sin is death.
4) God’s Son Jesus’ sacrifice paid sin’s penalty.
5) Jesus was the only perfect man.
6) Jesus died.
7) Jesus was buried.
8) Jesus rose from death to life.
9) Because Jesus died for your sins.
10) Jesus now offers you the gift of eternal life.
11) Would you like this gift?
12) With faith ask Jesus to be your Savior.
13) Go tell everyone this good news!!!
Can you do it??? #e3Legacy #e3Partners

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